Purse Strings and Belt Notches


Every now and again a rainy day becomes a when-it-rains-it-pours day, and we’ve had a couple in a row. It’s been a rough week around the Young’s household, to spare you the details, and it means that we have to reevaluate exactly how lucky we are to have each other (and that rotten cat) and all of the wonderful things we are blessed with: a cozy home, a warm fireplace, a loving relationship, our friends and family, and the good sense to do our very best with what we have and not constantly feel that American need for more. Which is a good thing, because we’re in one of those patches where less is going to have to be enough and that’s all there is to it.

Another blessing I can count is that I am a very resourceful girl, and I can share my ‘less is plenty’ lifestyle with all of you, and I’m going to have more time to do it. The promise of spring is on the wind today, and the bluebells are about to bloom…

….it’s a time of year that makes me rub my hands together and start thinking of the promise of longer, brighter days and the bounty of our area. That sniff of spring makes me excited to get things cleaned up, get some projects going, and get outside.

The first notch on the belt that gets tightened is the grocery notch. No more artisan cheeses bought on a whim, no more exotic breads, no more fancy Greek yogurt, no more flowers for the dining room table. It means that I get to exercise my creative abilities and make exotic breads, make my own yogurt (to be done this weekend, I can’t wait), and grow my own flowers. Farmer’s Market is a very pricey venture that I will have to X off for the most part, and my community garden plot’s rent is a luxury that I will have to forgo, but Mom and I are going to start our own garden patch in their back forty, which means I’ll have home grown organic vegetables AND flowers a short drive away. The Magical Fruit Alley will soon have figs, blackberries and French prune plums available for the picking for jams, pies, and putting-up.

A need for a new skirt means getting out the sewing machine, and new patio cushion covers mean the same thing. I’ve been saving scraps and such to make a rag rug for the living room, which I’ve never done before but it can’t be too hard. Those with birthdays or giftish events coming up look out – you’re going to be getting some homemade lovin’ from me.

And so I sit, daydreaming about all that can be and all I can do, and try to shift my focus from the negative to all that’s positive. Enough of my rambling thoughts… it’s time to get crackin’.

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