Wardrobe Extensions


Here’s a quick tip to extend your wardrobe, ladies. This is one of my favorite little tricks that is helpful to multiply the number of ways you can wear things and extend them through more than one season. It also helps to lighten up packing, or make for quicker packing, when escaping town.

Most of us have one of these smocked-top sundresses hanging around, either with or without the straps:















I’m trying to think more annually than seasonally in my buying practices, and this one has lots of good colors that can be worn year-round. It also has both brown and black in the print so I can wear it with multiple pairs of shoes.

While we all know that a cardi or jacket can be worn over one of these little guys, a lot of people don’t think about doing this with it:














This trick doesn’t work with all of these dresses, because some will be too long of course. The general rule of thumb is that if the dress is knee-length on you, it will be a good length as a skirt (this one comes to my ankles when worn a skirt and I’m 5′ 5″). This dress-as-skirt looks just as cute with boots and booties as it does with strappy sandals and flippy-floppies. Add a jacket and you have a whole outfit. Add the jacket and wear as dress and you have two whole outfits. Seriously, with two shoe changes, a couple of t-shirts, a scarf and a jacket you’re set for a weekend. All you need is reservations and you’re jet-set!

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