An Open Letter to 2012


Dear 2012:

How are you? Are you enjoying your time here so far? I’m going to be frank, 2012, you haven’t been the greatest in this short time that we’ve known one another, and I’ve considered trading you in. But 2011 was no better, and I don’t even want to think about 2013 yet.

So, let’s start over. I’m not going to make you a bunch of false promises, or tell you I’m going to do a load of things that I have no intention of doing. Rather than the declaration of ‘you’re my year, you better be the best one yet,’ I propose we do this thing together. Are you game?

I would like it if you could throw the brakes on so we aren’t speeding through life so much. Why are you Years always in such a hurry? I promise I’ll do my best to take it down a notch as well, but you need to understand that looking up and realizing its June is difficult to come to grips with. Let’s slow it down. Just a hair.

By slowing down, you’re going to help me a lot. I have some things that I plan to do but I need the time to do them. I want to improve my sewing skills, I want to learn to swim better, I want to do more yoga, I want to finally, oh finally, lose the 30 pounds I need to lose to be out of the unhealthy place I’m in. I know I can do these things, and a handful of others, but these first few have to be accomplished in order to do any of the other things that are on my wish list. These few things are very important to me, and I hope we can work together to make them happen this year. Working full time makes my extracurricular activities hard, I know, but by not watching as much TV or spending time with a computer in my lap outside of work, I free up a lot of daylight. I’ve already emailed the swim instructor at the gym. See? Progress.

We’re going to get a great garden going this year, too, 2012. My dream is to have one in my own little yard, which means that we’ll have to move, and we’re actively working on doing that. I hope this can happen while we know each other, 2012, so you can be a part of it. Being able to have a garden of my own and having a home that can truly be a sanctuary is important to me, and will help me with my stress and rumination issues. Going outside to play makes me so happy; the fresh air makes me feel so good. And the satisfaction of growing even a little bit of our own food makes my heart full.

You know that I’m a stress case and I’m working on that. The swimming and gardening and moving will help immensely. I know I enslave myself. I know that ‘it’s never enough’ isn’t anyone’s problem but mine. Choosing Two has been remarkably helpful for me, and I want to introduce Nick to it as well. If we each Choose Two then we Accomplish Four every day. Knowing that we’re accomplishing more together will help me to calm the thoughts that there’s a Laundry Monster in the hall and that the bedroom looks like a bomb went off. Accomplishing Four sounds like an action plan to me, but we’ll see. Part of a successful partnership is feeling like you’re in it together, so I’m sure we’ll come up with a game plan together.

There’s more, but I don’t want to overwhelm you, 2012. If we can start by working on these few things then we’ll talk about some of the others. You’re a good year, 2012. I know many of us have lamented already that you’re going to be just as crummy as 2011, and it’s easy for a year to fall into that pattern when people don’t believe in you. But I believe in you. It’s a bright, beautiful sunny day out there; let’s take a walk this afternoon and make this The First Day of the Rest of a Good Year.

All My Best,


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  1. Such good thoughts for 2012 and I’m so proud of you!!
    I took this from a newspaper clipping that I keep & read over from time to time – I pass it to you in hopes it will help. Difficult Until It Isn’t
    Despite contrary opinion, losing weight is nor hard to do: it’s amazingly simple:
    1. Eat a little less than you want;
    2. Wait five minute before you start;
    3. Walk a little more than you would;
    4. Focus on today (tomorrow will take care of itself);
    5. Repeat process until desired results are obtained.

    Viola! No pills – no bizarre food concoctions – no expensive plans.
    Simple – to the point – successful!
    It’s not difficult and I must say it works if you hold true to the list – Good Luck

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