Good Things Come


Well, hi there.

We moved.

We moved in a flash and a frenzy, out of our bungalow in Downtown Mayberry to the main street of a country town a stone’s throw away.

We’ve been looking to move for some time, as you know, and the journey has been arduous. While we loved our house, with the shady patio in summer and the brick fireplace in winter, it wasn’t ideal. It was old, it needed love, and as renters we didn’t have the money or permission to give it the oomph that it needed. The search was on, and it went on, and on, and on. And then finally, oh finally, we found Our New Home. Sadly, but happily, we said farewell to our little house.

Ted made the move with us. There were long-stretching prayers circles that he’d be able to come; who knew a furry gray street urchin of a cat required so much prequalification. I thought I was going to have to get references for him. He’s transitioning to indoor life well, though I’ll admit he’s a little bored every now and again, and it manifests itself in his perfection of power-sliding around the house on the hardwood floors at 3:00 in the morning. We’re working on his nap schedule.

We have a little bitty balcony, and no yard, which makes my dream of a garden difficult. But I can grow lettuce and herbs, and there’s room for the lemon tree, a couple of chairs, and the barbecue. And the view. We have the greatest view of the mountains to gaze at.

And so, we’ve been unpacking and arranging and making lists of things we need, and things we want that we will save up to get (new couches!). I’m excited to have more room, a walk in closet, two bathrooms, and THIS BEAUTY to cook in.


Gas range, dishwasher, and this isn’t even the whole thing. It wraps around the other side of the fridge over there. It’s unbelievably lovely. And it’s right here in our new house.

So, the adventures continue, in an upstairs condo in downtown wine country. Good things come to those who wait.

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