A fun little trip


So, I have this giant glass vase full of wine corks sitting on our little wine fridge. Generally I stack them up and then take them to a little store in town that recycles them through a program somewhere when the vase is full to overflowing. This time, though, I decided to upcycle them into something fun instead of just recycling them at the grocer. Observe this skinny little wall:

Sort of a good for nothing spot that stares right atcha when you sit on the sofa and look toward the kitchen. This wall bugs me anyway because I wish there were a cut out over the sink that looks into that hall, but whatever. If we buy this condo that’s the second thing we’re doing, right after swapping the swing on one of our bathroom doors. But I digress.

{I respectfully request that you do not judge the number of wine corks that are in that basket.} A little hot glue, a yardstick, a pile of corks and a glass of wine in front of Big Bang Theory. I had a fun little trip down memory lane with this project too; there were all sorts of corks from many different wineries – some we drank at dinner parties with friends, some were gifts, some were consumed at special occasions. There are corks from our family’s winery, corks from wineries that friends work/have worked at, and a couple of blanks from who-knows-where {and many of us know that those were some of the best bottles}. It made me smile, and is something with a story on display while displaying our holiday cards in the soon-to-be-arriving holiday season. For now, I pinned anniversary cards up there. See how cute?

Now I just need to find some cute little pushpins instead of the brass tacks that are on there now. But they’ll do for the time being. I have another yardstick, too so I can make a second strip of corks to expand the space and get a full six feet of space for hanging. I love little art projects like this! Satisfies my need to do something creative but doesn’t take hours of work and planning. Bring on the holiday cards!

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  1. ?ave you been to the new Healdsburg Vintage store across the street from the Ford dealership? Same people who own (used to own?) Geyserville Vintage. Anywhooo…they have vintage button thumbtacks that are pretty cute.

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