My name is Cadi. Like your average Katie but with a D sound, not a Cadillac or golf sidekick. I’ve been told that I’m good at making everything in the realm of that magic world called Home. I’ve been told so many times that our home is so cozy, comfy, put-your-feet-on-the-sofa-and-hunker-down inviting. And I’ve said many times, it’s a series of tricks, smoke and mirrors, that makes it happen. Just things I’ve learned, like a quick fluff of your sofa pillows transforms your whole perspective on life, and switching that blanket from one sofa to the other makes a world of difference. I work full time and am a busy gal like the rest of us, but my home is where my heart is, and no matter where my life takes me or how far I roam, I want the place I come back to and drop my handbag to be the most inviting haven on the planet. I’m never short of antipasti fixin’s and always have a bottle of wine around for any surprise guest. Its foresight and love of being home that makes it happen. I hope you’ll follow my adventures in homemaking, I promise I’m full of surprises.

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